Fashion Takeover at the 2022 Draft


Davion Cottrell-Miller

Student leaders stand to announce their picks.

Jayden Forniel, Social Media Editor

Anticipation ran as high as ever for the first in-person draft since the beginning of virtual learning in 2020. The rankings caused great concern at first, with the Senior Group Leader Justin Crespo picking names at random to order the groups. Traditionally, the picks would be ordered from best to worst through academics, activities, and attendance, but this year begged to differ. When the order was redone the next day at Convocation, the student leadership came up with a controversial ranking system that they say won’t be released to the community until graduation day for the seniors. This draws much speculation as to how the rankings were brought about.

Although things were off to a shaky start, student leadership redeemed themselves by adding some spice to the draft. Word had gotten out that the requested attire for the draft would be a dress shirt and tie. However, St. Benedict’s competitive nature took over the students, and they took the attire above and beyond what was expected. This added an element to the draft that will surely carry on for years to come. It gave students the opportunity to showcase their diverse wardrobe whilst being representatives of their group. 

As the draft was set to commence on Friday, a fashion show was put on by both students and faculty. The atmosphere was friendly at first, but as soon as the first pick went, the room grew focused and ready to begin. The pride behind the groups and their performance is a tightly held tradition that’s been passed down from generation to generation of Benedict’s men. Each pick was carefully selected by each group in hopes that the young men chosen to represent them will grow into leaders for years to come.

Fr. Timothy Dwyer pose moments before the draft. (Davion Cottrell-Miller)

Once the drafting came to a close, groups lined up to be judged on their outfits and style. Some groups came more prepared than others, but that didn’t stop the lighthearted arguments about who did it best from happening. The room was pure laughs and smiles all around. The winners of the fashion competition were Fr. Timothy Dwyer with stellar performances from Ms. Tuorto and Mr. Rodriguez. The prize for winning the contest is the group’s choice of either a custom lanyard or custom hoodie crafted by the group. This drew major controversy in the community, with many participants not being content with the results. “Ms. Tuorto’s group was definitely overrated because of her being loved within the community”, Joshua Gebreselassie UD1. 

“The rankings for the competition were ridiculous. Mr. Rodriguez’s shoes didn’t match with his outfit and Jermaine looked like an uncle with what he was wearing. Plus, the way Joe K. was ranked so highly with senior leaders in their group was suspicious,” said Group Leader of Fr. Boniface Reger David Okeh SY.

White Section Leader Stephane Benoit SY, BR Group Leader David Okeh SY, TD Group Leader Jermaine Price SY. (Davion Cottrell-Miller)

The draft brought the community together once again. With the circumstances given, the school’s efforts to keep the students and faculty engaged have ceased to fail.