Meet Dylan Parris


Dylan Parris practicing in H.A.B. gym.

Eric Conklin

Dylan Parris practicing in H.A.B. gym.

Daron Reyes, Staff Writer

Freshman Dylan Parris has presences everywhere — in the H.A.B gym, the Shanley, and even the classroom. He’s a star on any given day.  Before Dylan joined the Hive he attended Faith Christian Middle School in his hometown Stroudsburg, PA.

Dylan quickly acclimated to the hands-on culture here, joining the basketball and water polo teams. Besides athletics, Dylan has also excelled in his academics. During fall term, Dylan stood out among his peers with straight A’s in all his classes and a 4.0 GPA.

“[Dylan] has straight A’s, he’s involved in sports and he played Water Polo,” said Dean of Student Life and water polo coach Glenn Cassidy. “What else can you ask for?”

But what is his secret?

“Any work that’s given to me, I take it bit by bit and make sure I put forth my best effort,” Dylan said.

Dylan is admired by many students. “ Dylan applies himself in everything he does, he’s a great role model for the rest of his group,” said Fr. John Doyle freshman counselor Dalyn Woody.

Dylan learned about Benedict’s through freshman Kyrim Provet.

“I heard about the school’s academics and athletics and was excited to come,” Dylan said.