In All Star Games, White and Maroon Sections Prevail Before Large Crowd

The intensity of the fan experience can be read on the face of Jonathan Cineus.

With the HAB’s Dalton Gym flooded with cheers of “Boola Boola ” and “Olé Olé Olé,” the Group Games referee blew the whistle. Immediately after, the Dalton Gym transformed into a space as loud as a football stadium with players tumbling and rushing for the ball.

In separate competitions today in the Dalton Gym, White Section triumphed against Gray Section in the first All Star Group Games in recent memory, with a score of 14 to 13. Shortly after, Maroon Section triumphed against Blue Section with a score of 7 to 3.

For many students, today’s All Star Games were the most exciting of the group games they have witnessed. “It was amazing. It was my first time playing this type of format. It was better than last year’s (group games),” said Maroon Section member Azriel Johnson ‘19. “I hope this type of format carries on for further years. I think this is more exciting than the other year.”

For others, the games changed their view of the school.  “I thought this school was super boring, but after seeing the whole school come out, it changed my view of SBP,” explained Maroon Section member Supreme Cook ‘19.

In addition to being a fun community activity, the All Star Games were an opportunity for group and section members to get closer. “I got to know people better and not just sit in a class,” explained Johnson. “It’s better to play with other friends. I think I am closer to my group now than before.”

On both teams in each game there were students from basketball, track, soccer, fencing, and many other sports within the school. And even though the players came from different teams, they worked together and used their respective skills to advance and get an edge in the game.

The All Star Games were a time for groups that will not be playing in the playoffs to have a last game of the year and spend time with other students in the school.

“The intensity comes from kids having spirit,” explained Gray Section leader Wood-May Joseph ’19. “This is the toughest spirit I’ve seen all semester and we haven’t had a day off since who knows when. I think it is a good  time during the school period to uplift school spirit.”

Many students hoped that the All Star players would be seen in competition again soon.

“The game I saw was so entertaining and, throughout the whole game, I was sitting on the edge of the bleacher,” said Assistant Group Leader and Gray Section member Jose Garcia-Orozco ’19. “There should be another All Star Game so that we can see who the best section is this year.”