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No Benedict’s breakfast today, so Izi must make his own.

Izi’s Morning: Fried Bologna and Virtual Convo

Warning: This document contains horrendous sarcasm and ‘zoomer’ humor.

(Zoomer being the generation after millennial.)

Reader discretion is advised.

I’m still in my (terrible to me, beautiful to you) sleep schedule. 10PM-3:30 AM. I woke up this morning and decided to watch Al Jazeera English, but then decided that JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure was a more interesting option. In a limbo between groggy and terror from my air raid siren-esque alarm, I scrolled to ‘My List’ in Netflix and continued to watch the English dub of Part 3. (Mainly because I was too tired to read the sub).

After falling back to sleep in two hours (which was calculated by my genius mind), I woke up to a more pleasant alarm of ocean sounds and earthquaking vibrations. At around 7:20 I took a shower and listened to a video on the history of Ethiopia by Overly Sarcastic Productions.

I walked out the baby blue bathroom into a yellow kitchen and started making breakfast. 

Izi’s Breakfast Recipe:

Olive Oil

2-3 pieces of bologna

^-Let it sit at a medium fire on the stove until slight darkening to signify proper cooking.

2-3 large eggs

Garlic and Onion POWDER

Black pepper

(Smoked) paprika

Toast bread just enough for the outer lay to have a ‘crunch’

Large cup of water

(I gave up flavored drinks for Lent)

After sitting down to eat, I scrolled through Instagram and responded to overnight dms (surprisingly enough, I got three, a feat for my anti-social self). I stopped and thought, “Right now, I’d be getting breakfast at school.” The coronavirus has blessed me with a decent breakfast! All offense to the school’s free breakfast (which I am very grateful for so please don’t take away my free lunch). 

I struggled to get into the Convocation live stream because it went unlisted which thoroughly confused me. It was interesting and a bit jarring to say the least, to see Convo without students.

Kitta MacPherson
SBP leaders staged a virtual Convo this morning streamed on YouTube.

Classes went pretty smoothly. After flexing on Ms. Stafford’s 2nd block with 1000+ XP in DuoLingo (for having nothing better to do than spam lessons), I was humored to find that most of the homework on DuoLingo was already done earlier this month.  As Mr. Miseo and the guys in Mr. Gallo’s 3rd Block Bio know, my mic is cancerous to the ears.Tis the melancholy that befalls ‘droid users worldwide. The day felt so short. Now I’m all set here.

“Going Viral” is a blog tracking the highs and lows of life in the St. Benedict’s community as its members weather the effects of a worldwide coronavirus outbreak.

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