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“Adam and God — Social Distancing Edition”

Student Finds the Poetry in Distancing

I came about writing this poem just trying to get extra credit (in Mr. Justin Ross’ class) and having a little fun with it too. The assignment was to turn the poem “The Rain” by Liane Strauss into an original piece using COVID-19 and social distancing as the subject. I would write some parts of the poem, leave and come back to revise it, and add new ideas that came to my mind until I was ready for one strong final review of the poem.

I did try to imitate Liane Strauss’ style and punctuation by adding my ideas where I thought they would fit well, using her original poem basically as a guideline. I don’t necessarily write poetry a lot or have any specific favorite poets, but I did practice poetry in class very often in middle school. Many people inspire me but if I had to characterize it, hard-working and accomplished people inspire me deeply to achieve their level of greatness. — Charbel Adjogble UD1

Dejected Existence

By the fourth week of practicing social distancing,

COVID-19 cases still increase.

I’m tired of being in isolation,

Even the infected are tired of being in isolation.


People are losing hope because of the possibility of there being no cure or treatment

And there seems to be no close end to this madness.

This is what everyone is feeling, not a desperate exaggeration,

The kind thrown out to show the seriousness of the world’s current situation.


This is to soon be the natural state of life and living,

For the people, the world, the day,

The night, and for all of time,

All because of a disease, the Coronavirus.


During my boredom, I look outside.

There is nothing but empty streets and quiet towns.

People are hiding so they don’t acquire the disease,

We are all afraid of this disease.


I am dressed with protective gear.

I wear a mask and gloves.

 I even wear a customized suit

To protect myself from the Coronavirus.


This disease is an endless source of chaos.

Like anything with a source,

Circumstances are created, some good or bad,

And in this case, they’re bad.


The not wanting to go away disease,

The cause of our insanity,

The cause of our unplumbable sadness,

This damn disease.


The disease is sweeping through people

Emptying all different places,

Showing no mercy, especially to the elderly,

But we all rather go out in the public


Then be imprisoned at home.

The disease creates no peace,

But creates fear and death,

So we fight back, just how COVID-19 is fighting us.

This is part of a continuing blog tracking the highs and lows of life in the St. Benedict’s community as its members weather the effects of a worldwide coronavirus outbreak.

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