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SBP Community Casts Its Vote for Debate Winner: Biden

Following the first Presidential debate between Republican President Donald Trump and Democratic Candidate Joe Biden, the SBP community was given the task of picking a winner via a Benedict News poll. 

Such a chaotic showing of events like those that occurred during the Sept. 29 debate was bound to cause a melting pot of opinions. In contrast with the very divided America we live in today, the decision of the debate winner at Benedict’s was very one-sided. 

With about 90 percent of the votes, Mr.  Biden was the clear winner in the eyes of the SBP community. Reasoning for such a heavily swayed voting towards Mr.  Biden came down to the basic professional comportment shown, especially, voters noted, when compared with that of President Trump. Focusing on the topics discussed, giving more concrete responses to questions and supporting them with facts were other factors that moved voters to Mr. Biden.

The minority of voters who viewed President Trump as the winner of the debate backed it by saying that he took control of the discussion and blocked Mr. Biden from getting his points out. His persona, they said, would also appeal to undecided voters.

However a large number of voters also stated their dissatisfaction with both candidates in which they would have opted for somewhat of a draw. This sentiment paralleled an op-ed by Benedict News Sports Editor Adrian Vasquez who wrote the day after the event about his disappointment in the contentious behavior of both candidates during the debate.

Overall an agreement seemed to arise questioning the productivity of the debate entirely; in fact going as far as naming a loser of the debate, the American people. Many raised their concerns on the constant insubordination of President Trump towards the debate moderator Chris Wallace who continuously attempted to prevent interruptions from happening. 

President Trump’s COVID-19 diagnosis Friday has cast doubt on the scheduling of the final two Presidential debates.

The Commission on Presidential Debates has announced, according to Politico, that Democratic Vice Presidential candidate Kamala Harris and Republican Vice President Mike Pence will be seated 12 feet apart at the Vice Presidential Debate this coming Wednesday, Oct. 7 at 9 p.m. , instead of 7 feet, due to health concerns raised by the Biden campaign. Eleven new cases of COVID-19 were reported in Cleveland stemming from last Tuesday’s Presidential debate, the city government disclosed on Friday.

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