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Those, like St. Benedict’s students, who were born after the events of 9/11 must decide for themselves what it means.

I Don’t Know Them, But I Will Remember Them

This event matters to me because it is an event that will never be forgotten.

Even though I don’t know them, I will always remember the ones who died and the people who died trying to save others. That’s a day where people were shocked, head to toes, and people were crying because it happened. Everyone was so scared even though they were there and people tried to help. But it was so bad that people could die just by being near it.

It was a very shocking and terrifying event that happened that day. It was a day where people shed tears, people were injured, people were scared, and people were so curious on how this happened. 9/11 to me will be a day to remember everything that happened.  

The events of 9/11 matter to me because it was an event where people’s loved ones were brutally dying from the huge smoke, the fire, the high buildings falling apart. For many, they knew their death was coming. The hardest but easiest answer, in some cases, was to jump. Seeing a person do that is hard to imagine but they ended up doing it. Innocent people died there thinking their day was normal, but unexpectedly a plane sped through the building, making those people on board the plane die and the people that were on that floor die too. 

In conclusion, 9/11 should be remembered as a day of ruins. This was a day where people had depression because the person they loved was probably on that plane or in those towers. Depression and sadness are the feelings that came to people, thinking about their loved ones who died during 9/11. That’s the hardest part and that’s hard to take in. 9/11 to me will be a day to remember where people had to deal with sadness and anger that day.

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