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Holland Day 5

Andrew D'Arcy

March 2, 2020

Blog Day 5   As I wake up on my 5th day in Holland, I opened my curtains to a familiar sight — rain. However, after a good breakfast the sky clears up and I walk out the door of the house with another adventure awaiti...

Day One in Bike Country

Day One in Bike Country

February 26, 2020

Thursday - A Day in Jail

Thursday – A Day in Jail

February 10, 2020

Shilling Square

Tuesday at Priory

February 7, 2020

Wednesday – Dusk at the Pacific

Eric Duarte, Staff Writer

February 7, 2020

Since Miss Buccola was not feeling well, we did not go to the city of San Francisco today. Instead, we were using our time to familiarize ourselves with the campus and it’s students. There was not much I did, besides lay in ...

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