Brother Nich Perez Speaks to the Hive on Vocation Awareness Day


Brother Nich Perez C.S.C. gives a speech to the students of Saint Benedict’s Prep on Vocation Awareness day.

Brother Nich Perez C.S.C., a high school teacher, media specialist, professor and surfer intrigued many students at the Vocation Awareness Day assembly on November 29.

The purpose of Vocation Awareness Day, Br. Nich said, is to educate people of possibilities for their futures and help students find a purpose in life – a way to give meaning to what they do every day.

Br.Nich showed the community a glimpse of his upcoming documentary – a feature about what it means to be a “brother.”

After the film, Br.Nich asked students if they knew the difference between a priest and a brother. After soliciting a few responses, he answered his own question.

“Basically, [a brother is] like a nun but a dude,” he said.

Br.Nich gave a thorough explanation of why he became a brother. What inspired him were people in need, the events that happened in his life, and a personality that fits well with helping others .“[Becoming a brother] is a long process that takes time and dedication,” Br.Nich said.

When Br.Nich was asked about his biggest temptations and where he finds his determination to do so many things, he said that prayer helps him with his temptations and determination. After Br.Nich’s talk some students and guests were invited to accompany the religious leaders to the Hospitality Center for some appetizers, sing alongs, and conversing. Freshman Julian Cardona was inspired.

           “I feel inspired to dedicate my life to [God],” Julian said.

Vocation Director, Brother Patrick Winbush O.S.B, said the purpose of Vocation Awareness Day is to make students aware that being a brother, priest or monk is a possibility for all. Two priests and four religious attended and Br. Patrick said the day was a success.

“[It was] the  best vocation day we’ve had in seven years,” Br. Patrick said.

Students helped with planning, directing the guests, and welcoming the guests.

“It’s a good way to make people aware of their vocation,” UDI Emanuel Marques said.

Emanuel said he is really grateful for having monks and priests around him everyday.

Br. Patrick, said he wants Vocation Awareness Day to continue and get even better. He finished the day looking forward to coming years to go as well or better. “I hope for this program to continue for many more years whether I’m Vocation Director or not,” Br.Patrick said