JV Basketball Team Loses to Malvern Prep

JV Basketball Team Loses to Malvern Prep

The Malvern Friars “fried” the St. Benedict’s JV basketball squad 51-29 and snapped the junior varsity’s three game win streak. Malvern prep outplayed the Gray Bee’s in Dalton Gym in front of a respectable crowd playing great defense and allowing few turnovers.

“We could’ve done better on defense and prepared better for the game,” said Cy Haskins tied for the most baskets on the Benedict’s side.

The JV kept the score tight against the friars at the end of the first half, trailing 19-14. Momentum seemed to be shifting toward the Gray Bee’s side,but sloppy passes and good coverage from the Malvern crew lead to an insurmountable lead. The Friars closed off the game with a 17-3 run and a disappointing loss for the Gray Bee crew.

“All we can do is learn from the game and do better next game,” said Amir Hicks, a starter for the team.

A young St. Benedict’s junior varsity basketball team, which aspires to be better as the rest of the season progresses, looks quickly to get its season back on the winning path. The spirited team had signs of determination with great defensive blocks by Matthew Pereira and Randy Thomas. Kyle Lawrence and Angelo Duval were sinking in threes from the outside and the team showed sturdy defense throughout the second quarter.

The Gray Bees look to put behind an loss and are determined to turn the next games into W’s.