Mr. Cassidy Expands Role

Mr. Cassidy Expands Role

Mr. Cassidy is taking on more responsibilities this year in the face of Mr. Scanlan’s absence.

Director of Student Life and Safety Glenn Cassidy has a new role helping cover some of Assistant Headmaster Michael Scanlan’s work while he is on leave. Formally the director of Freshman, he now helps make sure everything is running smoothly day to day for the entire school. Dean of Academics James Duffy pays attention to academic issues that Mr. Scanlan would normally handle. “That meant that somebody else had to be a little more freed up to see what’s going on around the buildings if Mr. Duffy is going to be spending his time focusing on the academic part,” Mr. Cassidy said.

However, Mr. Cassidy said he is working with Mr. Duffy, and Dean of Academics Michelle Tuorto. “Mr. Duffy, Mrs. Tuorto and I are working together as a team to make things operate around here on a daily basis.”

The work Mr. Cassidy is doing is not different from what it was, there is just more of it. He has spent more time with the student leaders and checks in on classes more frequently. “You’ll see that I move around the buildings a lot more than I used to. You’ll probably see me walking by classrooms several times a day.”

Freshman math teacher Craig White is helping Mr. Cassidy run the Freshman Program. Aside from teaching math, Mr. White has is keeping track of both academic and disciplinary records for freshman.  “More recently he has started conducting an evening study hall for freshman who are struggling with homework.” Mr. Cassidy said.