Freshman Basketball Team Dominates Against Belleville


The squeaking of sneakers and shouts of competitive camaraderie filled Dalton Gym as the freshman basketball team streaked the length of the court, dominating Belleville freshmen. The swishing of nets defined Benedict’s possession as they passed the ball past their competitors’ defense and blocked their shots. The score reached 24-12 as the game moved into the second period, following a number of excellent 3-pointers by Benedict’s, Isaiah Whittaker and Matthew Pereira in addition to a consistent scoring game by Captain Angelo Stewart, who also contributed six assists

The score going into halftime reflected their efforts, showing a 38-21 lead over the Belleville team. The Gray Bees continued to stymie the opposition, holding them to only four points in the third period. The Belleville coach nearly lost his voice in exasperation calling for layups as Benedict’s breezed past his team and scored 15 points. Benedict’s outplayed Belleville at every turn. Although Deandre Spaight fumbled on a few breakaways, costing Benedict’s six points, the Benedict’s lead was unyielding. The Gray Bees dominated Belleville 64-27.