Blair Breaks Benedict’s Winning Streak


Andrew Sosanya, Editor-in-Chief

edwin aviles vs blair

Photo by: Media Corps

Blair got revenge for its  57-48 loss earlier in the season by beating the Gray Bees 77-65

and stopping them from attaining their third straight State Prep title. Foul shooting and inexperience played a key role in Benedict’s loss on February 19.

St.Benedict’s came out strong in the beginning of the first quarter with three pointers and multiple field goals. At the end of the first quarter Benedict’s led 21-12.

But Blair recuperated in the second quarter with a searing 14 points. The Gray Bees seemed to have their conventional “‘run’n’gun” playing style used against them when Blair bulldozed Gray Bee defense with fast plays and breaks and led the half at 39-30.

“I was physically exhausted,” said  UD1 Arnaldo Toro, who had five points and two blocks.

Coach Mark Taylor said Blair was more physical than St.Benedict’s in the second quarter.

“I thought Blair out-hustled us and played better defense,” coach Taylor said.

In the second half of the game, the major headache for the Gray Bees were the foul shots that just didn’t go in.The team missed 10 out of 13 free throws the entire game, in comparison to Blair’s four out of 25.

These foul shots could have certainly closed the 12-point gap in the final score.

“If we make our foul shots, it’s a different game,” Coach Taylor said. “Look at all the transition baskets they made when we miss those shots.”

The game closed with Kamar McKnight leading the team with 21 points, Trevon Duval with 15 points, and Jon Williams with 11 points.

The stands were filled with cheering Blair fans and St. Benedict’s students yelling traditional motivation chants such as “Garnet and Grey.”

However, many St. Benedict’s fans were let down by the defeat.

 “I’m disappointed,” said UD2 Mark Isiofia, a former player on the team.”There was horrible defense…..they weren’t moving their feet.”