Capelli Sport Donates New Turf for Upper Field

Donation Totals Nearly $500,000

Headmaster Rev. Edwin Leahy, left, stands with CEO of Capelli Sport, George Altirs, right.
Headmaster Rev. Edwin Leahy, left, stands with CEO of Capelli Sport, George Altirs, right.

After 26 years of use, Fr. Anselm Murray O.S.B  Field finally got a facelift last week.

Capelli Sport donated funds to install new artificial turf for St. Benedict’s soccer program.

George Altirs, CEO of Capelli Sport, asked Head Soccer Coach Jim Wandling if the program needed any assistance. Mr. Wandling told him that the soccer program would benefit from a renovated field.

“The biggest possible contribution to the soccer program was a new field,” Mr. Wandling said. “When I became the General Manager of Capelli’s Cedar Stars, furthering soccer at St. Benedict’s remained one of my top priorities,” he said, citing the close relationship between the two organizations.

Fr. Anselm Murray O.S.B  Field—known as “Hatcher Field” or the “Upper Field” to alumni and students—will receive three new stadium lights, according to Assistant Headmaster Michael Scanlan. He estimates that all donations, in addition to four new stadium lights for the Fr. Benedict Tyler O.S.B Field, total $500,000.

“Mr. Altirs and Capelli Inc. have a strong interest in youth soccer and want to use our location to attract more people to the sport,” Mr. Scanlan said. “It also helps the school when guys come to play on our facilities and hear about success,” he added.

The FIFA-approved Shaw Sports Turf will benefit St. Benedict’s soccer players in multiple ways, according to the contractor, Applied Landscaping Technologies. “It’s great for the hips, knees, and reduces the likelihood for injury in an athlete’s long-term career,” Jerry Harper, Director of Turf Operations, said. “This new turf emulates grass so well that there are few differences between the two,” he added.

With proper maintenance, the school should be able to retain the newly installed turf for over 12 years, Mr.Harper said.