2014 Gray Bee Olympics End With a Splash

Michael Pereira , Sports Editor

Assistant Headmaster Michael Scanlan walked through the Upper Field, towel and bathing attire in hand. Today was not a normal day, and as he pushed through the crowd of students to get onto the seat, he knew he was in for a splash. The first few baseballs missed, but one managed to hit the target, and Mr. Scanlan was soon head-high in cold water.

Mr. Scanlan was not the first, nor the last, victim of the dunking pool. This activity is a new addition to the annual “Fun Day”, or also known as “Gray Bee Olympics”. This event traditionally takes place at the end of every Summer Phase, preceding the school’s break before Fall Phase.

The day was relatively simple: each section’s groups challenged each other to a variety of sports and activities, from which winners amassed points. At the closing school convocation, the best group in each section, the best group overall, and the best section were announced. The four activities were dodgeball, kickball, tug-of-war, and Taboo, a trivia game. Dodgeball took place in the Shanley Gym, where groups faced off until a single group won and the other was eliminated. Kickball took place on the Lower Field and Tug-of-war was on the Leahy House field. After those physical challenges, people were tired, so when they got to Taboo, it was a whole other experience. It was not a physical, but rather,a mental challenge that required attention.

While the sections did not battle directly, they did indirectly. With points given after each win, the staff were able to crown the winners of “Fun Day”.


Best Groups:

Maroon Section: Joe Kasberger

Blue Section: Fr. Timothy Doyle

White Section: Tied between Fr. Dunstan Smith and Fr. John Doyle 

Gray Section: Fr. Bernard Peters 

Best Overall Group: Tied between Joe Kasberger and Fr. Timothy Doyle


Best Section:

White Section


After cheers of joy and disappointment, everyone was able to go to the Upper Field to pay to dunk their teachers, with all contributed money going to the ALS Foundation.

UDI Richard Araujo said it had a positive effect on the bond between current students and newer ones. “It was exciting and provided a good way for us members to get to know the new beginners.”