New ID Policy is Enforced


Tajai Davis

John Lemons wears an ID around his neck.

Obed Narcisse, Staff Writer

With no visible identification, students can walk around the property for weeks without anyone knowing who they are. Now, in 2014-2015 academic year that will change because students and faculty will be required to wear their ID’s. The administration requested that the students name be more visible, so that required a new layout.
The new design was constructed by Dr. Dennis Lansing, Chair of the Science Department. The new ID process began in the middle of Summer Term, when the freshman were given their ID’s after the Overnight. ID’s were ready for all students during the second week of Fall Term. The ID’s present the old photos of students from the previous ID’s unless the student specifically requested a new one.
Faculty have given positive comments towards the new switch. The switch was inspired by a “raising consciousness about security around schools,” Assistant Headmaster Michael Scanlan said. Now that the ID’s are apart of the wardrobe, Scanlan believes the students will be less likely to lose them.
Director of Student Safety Glenn Cassidy said, “ I think it’s a good idea. I wish more guys would cooperate with the idea of wearing it.” He hopes everyone will wear their ID’s.
Students have also had a positive response to the new ID’s. “It helps me identify people I don’t know,” IUDI Ernst Lozin said. It also helps the community to identify people that don’t belong with us so we know who is coming in the building and who is going out. I don’t think there is anything wrong with the ID’s, but I just have to adjust to wearing one at all times instead of having it in my pocket.”
Wearing the ID’s will also present a new way for students and faculty to become acquainted. “It’s a great way to serve as a name tag. It’s a great way to know each other,” said Mr. Scanlan.