Student Alumni Association: Revived at the Hive

Brian Benedict, Staff Writer/Photographer

Have you ever wondered what its like to keep a school running? The Student Alumni Association (SAA) gives a behind the scenes look on the amount of work that goes into running the school.

SAA is a student organization at the hive that works with the advancement office to bring alumni and students together and meet new friends and supporters. The SAA was founded in 1997 and ended temporarily in 2009.After five years of hiatus, the SAA is being restored by the advancement office.
Members in Student Alumni Association connect with alumni through telephone and thank them for their donations and contributions. The Student Alumni Association tries to explain to the student body why the annual fund and their involvement in the annual fund is important.They help the advancement office with large mailings, which saves the school money. The students get a look at how much work is put into keeping the school running.

Annual Fund Director Didier Jean-Baptiste Moderates all functions of the SAA. Students set up and attend alumni functions on and off property. For example the SAA recently helped set up and attended the Class of 1962’s 70th birthday party. Member of The SAA Devin Grant said, “ In Student Alumni Association you meet new people and learn about their lives, get more information on the school , and in general have a good time. Mr.Jean-Baptiste said, “Students wishing to represent us at alumni functions, though, must be students in good standing academically and in terms of participation in the life of the school, attendance and behavior.”

The Student Alumni association is a volunteer organization, Students can be a part of this by contacting Mr.Jean Baptiste . The Student Alumni Association does count as an activity if you participate consistently. President Andrew Sosanya said, “Anyone with the desire to meet alumni and are in a good position academically are welcomed to help.”