The CW’s New Electrifying Television Show


Carlos Almeida, Staff Writer


From comic book to the live screen, the CW network brings viewers into the world of Barry Allen a crime scene analyst, better known as The Flash.

The CW’s The Flash, shares many similarities with previous television superhero shows, both animated and live action. The plot is similar to another show based off as D.C comic Static Shock, which aired on The WB, the previous name of the station . In Static Shock, a boy named Virgil gets exposed to a gas from a laboratory that alters his and notably many criminals’ D.N.A, turning them into what scientists call “metahumans”. Virgil notably wears the logo of a lightning bolt within a circle on his shirt, just like the same logo Barry Allen wears on his suit.

The Flash is similar to the CW television series Arrow, because Oliver Queen, the Green Arrow, tries to uncover the truth his father’s past through his book of names. Oliver promised to honor his father’s memory by protecting the city. Barry Allen tries to uncover what metahuman killed his mother when he was young, causing his father to be wrongfully sent to prison. Barry promised  his father that he would find that man so that his father can be released, while protecting the city from metahumans as well. Just like Arrow, The Flash also has its villains based on actual villains in D.C. comics.

The Flash provides viewers with the story of a man struck by a lightning bolt and awakens from a nine month coma to discover he is a “metahuman”.  He is discovering his powers as he uses them so he can protect the future of the citizens of Central City and defend them from any dangers. The show provides viewers with many super villains who evolved when S.T.A.R. Labs in Central City exploded, which also created the lightning bolt Barry Allen was struck with. Mr. Allen works with his team of S.T.A.R Labs employees who constantly aid him, providing him with tools he needs to defeat the villains who are harming his city.

He is also helped by Dr. Harrison Wells who caused the explosion which gave some of the citizens in Central City “metahuman” abilities, and harbors a secret connection to Mr. Allen that unfolds as the show progresses. With the help of his team, Mr. Allen is making sure to protect the people of Central City using his newfound powers, one villain at a time.

Make sure to watch it on Wednesday at 8 p.m. on The CW and like the show says “Don’t blink…..or you might miss it.”