Rocky Start to Fund Drive Pays Off


Senior Leaders kept track of donations with a poster. 60% of the school donated.

Carristian Brown, Staff Writer

After a successful Donor Appreciation Day on November 10, the Student Annual Fund Drive got off to a slow start, but the Fund Drive ultimately succeeded. The expectation this year was that the Student Annual Fund Drive would raise $1,200, but the student body and those involved with the Fund Drive passed that goal and raised $1,400. Director of Annual Giving Didier Jean-Baptiste ’86 said, “ Thank you to everyone who donated it was well appreciated.”

The school achieved around 60 percent participation this year, while in the last couple of years the school has only achieved around 50 percent participation. Mr. Jean- Baptiste said, “ The leaders showed a hyped effort this year and it really helped to move things along.”

The Student Annual Fund Drive was lead by the student leaders and the Student Alumni Association. They were in all aspects of the drive, especially in collecting money.

Group statistics showed five groups reached 100 percent. The groups that achieved that goal were given a Five Guys party.

But even though the Fund Drive achieved great success it started off a bit rocky. The Fund Drive ran for three weeks and in the first two the school only raised $250. It was beginning to look like the worst Fund Drive the school had but Mr. Jean- Baptiste stayed positive saying, “ I have confidence that this years leaders will get us to our goal.”

His positivity was proven by Freshman Leader Muqkadeen Poole, and Senior Group Leader Tyler Hayes and the other Senior Leaders. Muqkadeen said, “ We began to collect money while student’s were buying lunch and in the lobby.”

Their efforts worked.This year’s Drive was the most successful the school has had. Mr. Jean-Baptiste said, “ Great effort by all those involved and the entire school.”