“Kingsman: The Secret Service” is A Head Turner


Olumide Ijandipe, Staff Writer

In “Kingsman: The Secret Service”, Director Matthew Vaughn gives the audience a chance to experience a real live comic book. It’s based on “The Secret Service” by Dave Gibbons and Mark Miller. This film is full of adrenaline pumping and action-packed scenes that leave the audience thirsting for more. Even so, the movie may not be for everyone. It contains inappropriate language, and some racial and homophobic slurs.

“Kingsman: The Secret Service” is about how a secret agent named Harry Hart is unable to prevent the death of a fellow agent. Feeling guilty, he gives his fellow agent’s adolescent son, Eggsy Unwin, a medal of bravery. Hart has his contact info on the medal in case one day Eggsy needs to reach out to him. Agent Hart watches over Eggsy out of respect for his deceased father. So, seventeen years later, Eggsy gets arrested, then decides to reach out to Hart for help. After bailing him out Hart decides to tell Eggsy about the Kingsman: a secret intelligence agency that his father had worked for. He then takes Eggsy into a serious and competitive training program that prepares him for a universal threat that they must stop from emerging.

The film provides the viewer with drama, action, and comedy. It’s funny and stylish, but cartoonishly brutal, with exploding heads, stabbings, shootings, and a couple scenes of havoc fueled by unusual rage. Kingsman competes with American Sniper for the top tier spot of 2015.. Kingsman: The Secret Service provides more creativity, action, entertainment, imagination, and humor by far.You won’t fall asleep during the movie. I highly recommend this movie to an audience that wants a great laugh and a great fight at the same time.