UPDATE: Mahishan Gnanaseharan Wins NJYAG 2016 Gubernatorial Election

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2015 Gubernatorial Candidate UDII Mahishan Gnanaseharen

New Jersey Youth and Government

2015 Gubernatorial Candidate UDII Mahishan Gnanaseharen


The end of the 2014 NJYAG Conference also ended St. Benedict’s alumnus Nolan Edmondson’s role as Youth Governor. Now Nolan’s Lieutenant Governor UDII Mahishan Gnanaseharan reclaimed the postion once held by a fellow Gray Bee.

In New Jersey Youth and Government (NJYAG), students across New Jersey participate in mock legislative sessions. Participating schools send representatives to two events: Pre-Legislation (Pre-Leg) and Conference. Pre-Legislation, held this year on March 15 at North Hunterdon High School, welcomes new members of NJYAG and gives helpful information about the three day conference. In Conference, which takes place in Trenton on the weekend of April 24, all student representatives run a mock government; passing/rejecting bills, arguing for bills, writing stories about those involved, etc.

NJYAG aims to give people a greater understanding of the state’s government, and in the process let them interact with new people. In the words of Mike Gallagher, the director of NJYAG, one goal is to “get comfortable being uncomfortable.”

During Pre-Leg, 2016’s Youth Governor candidates participated in The Whistle Stop Campaign, where the candidates spoke for a limited amount of time about why they should be elected. Also, students asked voiced their questions to the candidates.

Mahishan aided organizing the Day of Service, a state-wide program in which NJYAG participants work at soup kitchens, retirement homes, food pantries, etc. Mahishan help participants give back to the community, which is one of the stressed values of NJYAG.

” I have a very strong passion for the program. I believe its changed my life and it changes other people’s lives, and I think as Youth Governor I want to promote this,” he said.

“It’s very rewarding being named Youth Governor,” said Mahishan. “I put a lot of effort and research into making this possible.”