Freshman Math Teacher named Head Coach of Track Team



Mr. Bashir has been praised for his coaching of the the freshman corss country team. Sometimes, he even runs with his athletes.

Andrew Sosanya, Editor-in-Chief

The freshman math teacher Daquan Bashir has been named the head coach of the track and field team.

After the recent resignation of former head coach Steven Trembley, Mr. Bashir was asked to fill the position by Athletic Director Ed Bendokas. He saw that Mr.Bashir had an extensive running history and noted his success as the freshman coach.

Last year, former head coach David Alfano stepped down from the position to focus on his physical therapy doctoral studies at Seton Hall University. He still plans to play a pivotal part on the team and is supportive of Mr. Bashir.

“It was very apparent throughout his first two months working with the cross country teams that he had a gift and a vision for the SBP student-athletes; the ability to lead, manage, and unite our team,” Mr. Alfano said.

Along with Mr. Bashir, the track and field program welcomed two other new coaches: Benedictine Volunteer Jeremy Welters and former Paterson Eastside High School Head Coach Sharon Allen.

Mr. Bashir ran track at Trenton Central High School and Rutgers University. He has also participated in the Junior Olympics.

But Mr.Bashir is still adjusting to his new role.

“It feels a little weird. [I’m] new to the school and already the head coach, but I’m confident in myself, my knowledge, and the other coaches I have working with me,” he said.

Getting the students to practice on time challenges him the most. He plans to remediate the problem with punitive consequences for repeat offenders,

Whatever the difficulties he has, Mr. Bashir said that he plans to make the team extraordinary and “unlike any team at [Saint Benedict’s] before.”

“This year will be a little rocky as I set the systems in place, but once I get everything together, this team will be legendary. I promise,” he said.