Thomas Leahy Appointed As New Athletic Director

Patrick Santa-Marinha, Staff Writer

Director of Annual Giving. Assistant coach of soccer and wrestling. Teacher of health, science, religion and physical education. Director of the pool. Tom Leahy has worked in every corner of St. Benedict’s.

Now, as the new Athletic Director, he has an office above the HAB gym. But don’t try to find him there behind a desk. He is busier than ever.

He took the job with no hesitation after Headmaster Fr. Edwin Leahy O.S.B asked him if he wanted to take on the job as athletic director since previous athletic director Ed Bendokas is now a Gift Records Officer.  Mr. Leahy said, “ I love the athletic program, so I eagerly accepted the job.”

The athletic director looks to continue doing what his predecessor did.  Mr. Leahy said, “ I don’t see any changes so far that I will have to implement.”  An athletic director has a wide variety of responsibilities including,  scheduling for the teams, getting the referees, getting equipment the teams need, handling travel arrangements, and dealing with any medical issue if someone gets hurt.  But Mr. Leahy said, “ I think the main job as an athletic director is to provide the coaches and teams with what they need to be successful.”

Something Mr. Leahy will have to change is his wardrobe. Usually seen in workout clothes, he said, “ I will have several wardrobes; when I teach phys ed I will be in teaching clothes, if I am representing us in a game then obviously I need to be in something more appropriate, if i am going to meetings I may have to put on a tie.”  He said his dress code changes with the responsibility and job at the time.

Mr. Leahy will continue his other responsibility even as he takes on the role as athletic director.  He will even continue to drive the buses for teams.  

“If that is what the team needs me to do than that is what I am going to do,” he said.

Mr. Leahy is all about helping St. Benedicts.  And he thinks athletics can help students in many ways.

“I think athletics teach discipline and commitment, especially commitment to others and to the team.  It teaches you to do difficult things when maybe sometimes you don’t want to do them and that is what life is, being able to be counted on.”

Athletics has also been very important to St Benedict’s, Mr. Leahy said,.“There is a tremendous tradition of sports at St. Benedict’s,” he said. “Athletics are a big part of what the alumni focus on when they see me; they always ask me how we are doing.”