Gray Bees Qualify For Emerging Elite Nationals at Hispanic Games


Othman Muhammad, Assistant Sports Editor

Six Gray Bees will compete at the Emerging Elite New Balance Nationals in New York City, after qualifying at the EmblemHealth Hispanic Games on Jan 9 in the New York Armory.

Senior Stephen Valvano, senior Scott Bamberg, freshman Ronald Kigen, and UDII Byron Simmons were able to go two seconds under the qualifying time for Emerging Elite, running an 8:06. The Gray Bees not only took 5th, but are now ranked second in the state of New Jersey.

Scott, qualifying for Emerging Elite for the first time, is still eager to achieve more. “The team feels the possibility of putting together a strong enough 4×800 made up of guys, who can go under eight minutes,” he said. “So we can finally be in the chatter about being a national championship contender.”

Senior Jared Lampley took silver in the Varsity 400m dash, running a 49.59 which was only .04 seconds off the qualifying time for Elite Nationals. Jared will represent SBP by running the Emerging Elite 400m dash, last run by sprinter, Naji Omari’14 , record holder for SBP’s 100 meter, 300m, 400m, and 600m. With that 49.59 Jared is now ranked 19 in the nation and first in New Jersey.

Running a 53.96 in the 400 meter dash, freshman Isaiah Sanchez qualified for Freshman Nationals by one second and placed 55. As a freshman Isaiah is currently ranked 14 in the nation and first within the state of New Jersey.

Although UDII Mac-Gregore Jeune did not qualify, he set the school’s triple jump record with a jump of 41 -1. Mac-Gregore said, “I want to keep on improving now that I hold a record, I intend on keeping it,” he said. “This record really motivated me.”

Distance Coach David Alfano was pleased but insisted that the team continue working because times will continue to get faster. He said, “It’s important… to stay hungry.”