A Game of Self-Assurance for SBP, a Terror for Dwight Englewood


Andrew Sosanya, Editor-in-Chief

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The Lower Division basketball team capped an easy 99-46 win against Dwight Englewood middle school Feb. 9. The startling starting five of LDs Noah Farrakhan, CJ Wilcher, Sincere Robinson, Wisner Abbott and Ieri Pringle dwarfed the Englewood players and proved to be a dominating force throughout the game.

Eighth grader CJ  rained a barrage of three pointers down from range and scored 28 pts. Noah Farrakhan matched his teammate by storming the paint, garnering 14 points.

But they didn’t keep the fame to themselves. Nifty ball rotation gave everyone on the team a piece of the pie.

“I made sure everyone scored, I wanted make sure everyone got their[sic] share,” said Noah.

Eighth grader Joshua Marley came off the bench as an effective sixth man and securing rebounds. He contributed 6 points.


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