Toro Leads Gray Bees to Victory Against Lawrenceville


Othman Muhammad, Assistant Sports Editor

With a combination of good ball movement and excellent rebounding, the varsity basketball team defeated Lawrenceville 80-58 Feb. 3.

Senior Arnaldo Toro had the best performance of the day, finishing with a double-double. He led the team in rebounding with 11 offensive and four defensive rebounds. Arnaldo finished second in scoring, putting up 21 points. He shot 62 percent from the field. As a power forward, he distributed the ball well and earned five assists.

UDII David Beatty led the team in scoring with 22 points. Although David was struggling in the first half from the three point range, he found his shot in the second half, making six

“It was frustrating not making my shots at first, so I let my offense come to me,” David said. “After I found my rhythm, I knew I was going to have a good night.”

In the first quarter, senior James Scott was on a roll, knocking down two three-pointers and two mid-range jumpers. Overall, he had a stellar performance finishing the game with 16 points, two assists and zero turnovers.

Reflecting on his performance after the game, James said, “I was making my shots during warm-ups so going into the game I felt good and carried over that momentum.”

Varsity coach Mark Taylor was very impressed with the team’s overall performance.

“What makes this team special is that four or five guys can go for 20 points each,” he said. “Ball movement is key in our offense because whenever someone is having a hot night, we get the ball his way.”