Relay Team Wins Surburban 4×4 at Millrose Games




Senior Jared Lampley anchored the winning 4×400, overtaking East Orange to finish in 3:20. He split 49.9 for his 400m.

Othman Muhammad, Assistant Sports Writer


The first time the Benedict’s 4×400 meter relay team competed in the prestigious Millrose Games in New York, the Gray Bees won.

UDII Byron Simmons, senior Stephen Valvano, senior Magnum Phelps and senior Jared Lampley together ran a time of 3:20.68 to become the Suburban 4x400m Millrose champions, Feb. 20.

Although they made winning look seem easy, the victory was anything but. From start to finish the race was close. Jared, the anchor, received the baton two seconds behind first place. However, Jared strategically stalked his prey and struck with 100m left. On his last leg, he split 49.9 anchoring the 4×400 to its first ever Millrose title.

“The only thing going through my mind was this kid is tired. It’s over,” Jared said. “With this win we’ll be in the fast heat at nationals and we’re all ready!”

Distance Coach David Alfano knew the team was going to run 3:20, but was unsure of how the team would put everything together that day. He hopes that the win will put them in the first or second heat at nationals, and intends on the 4x400m relay leaving as All-Americans.

“I’m very proud of these guys,” he said. “They are very focused, train hard and want to be great.”

The team is now in a good place to achieve things at Nationals. The 4x400m relay ran a 3:20.68, and is now ranked 11th in the nation. To get in a faster heat at Nationals, the Gray Bees are motivated to run fast at the upcoming 82nd Eastern State Championships.