Blood Doners Saves Lives: 4th Annual Blood Drive


Othman Muhammad

UDII Kukiele Kimonawoko getting assisted by a nurse, while she draws his blood.

Othman Muhammad and Obed Narcisse

A record 140 people participated in the fourth annual St. Benedict’s Prep Blood Drive on April 2 in the HAB gym.

The Blood Drive is the National Honors Society’s biggest service event of the year.

Telmo De Morais’ 12 encouraged the NHS to fund a blood drive five years ago. Telmo saw the need for a blood drive because his friend’s sister had leukemia and constantly needed blood transfusions to survive. After overhearing his friend talk about how he started a blood drive at his school, Telmo decided it was time for SBP to do the same. SBP’s first Blood Drive was on April 2, 2012.

Dean of Faculty and NHS Adviser Michelle Tuorto has attributed the success of the Blood Drive to the growth of awareness of importance of giving blood..

“The first year we had the presentation, a lot of people hadn’t thought of donating blood,” she said. “Then the next year people would say, ‘Oh we heard this last year;’ the following year, ‘Oh I heard this from the last two years.’ An increase in awareness has played a big role in our annual Blood Drive.”

Since 2014, when 82 members of SBP’s faculty and students donated blood, there has been a 41% increase in donations.

Blood is essential because there is no synthetic substitute for blood. Through blood donations, donors are giving people the gift of life. In New Jersey hospitals are operating on a blood shortage because people constantly need transfusions.

“Donating blood is special and important,” UDII Bryan Martinez said. “The fact that I have the opportunity to help save someone’s life and decrease the deficit of blood supply in less than an hour really encouraged me to donate my blood.”

Additionally, senior Saul Martinez said “ I feel good inside because somebody is going to live because of me.”