SBP’s Seniors Shine at YAG


YMCA Youth and Government

Senior Mahishan Gnanaseharan, Governor of 2016 YMCA Youth and Government Conference, with his cabinet signing a bill into law.

Othman Muhammad, Assistant Sports Editor

Seniors Mahishan Gnanaseharan and Jonathan Lewis and UDII Justin Dickerson emerged from YMCA’s Youth and Government Conference on April 15 – 17, with recognition for their contributions over the past few years.

Mahishan, Governor of the YMCA Youth and Government Conference, felt heartbroken leaving the conference for the final time. Last year, Mahishan ran a successful campaign and won the right to take charge of this year’s Youth and Government Conference. As the governor, Mahishan brought innovative ideas in his term. He assisted delegates’ bills by implementing a new financial statement and served as an inspiration for many.

On the last day of the conference, Mahishan was recognized by adult advisers for his hard work and contributions to the Youth and Government program; he was awarded an opportunity to attend this year’s CONA ( Conference on National Affairs)  at the YMCA Blue Ridge Assembly in Black Mountain, North Carolina and brings together over 500 of the top Youth Legislators from across the United States to debate the current national affairs.

Mahishan reflected on his final year at YAG, “My last year was both fulfilling and reflective; I learned a ton from the delegates there and executed my role as Governor successfully.”

Jonathan, who served as Youth Secretariat,  was recognized for his ability to debate New Jersey legislation. The legislators in Cleveland Senate recognized Jonathan as an Outstanding Statesmen.

UDII Justin Dickerson (to the left) and Senior Jonathan Lewis (to the right) being sworn into the Youth and Government conference.
YMCA Youth and Government
UDII Justin Dickerson (to the left) and Senior Jonathan Lewis (to the right) being sworn into the Youth and Government conference.

Despite running and losing a close race to become the clerk of Livingston Senate, UDII Justin Dickerson was still rewarded for his efforts. Adults advisors and officers at the conference appointed Justin as an alternate for the Conference of National Affairs.

“Conference was an experience that I will never forget; by far this was my best performance,” he said. “Although we, as a delegation, are losing the seniors who were the bedrock of our delegation, I believe that next year’s class will carry on the preparedness and great debate.”