Germantown Sinks Gray Bees in Season Debut

Joseph Sousa, Staff Writer

During its debut game on September 9, the varsity Gray Bee Water Polo team was unable to clinch its season opener against rival, Germantown Academy.

In the early minutes of the match, St. Benedict’s controlled the ball possession which rendered Germantown unable to score. Even though it appeared that St. Benedict’s had the upper hand, they soon fell 2-0 at the end of the first quarter. Entering the second quarter the Gray Bees were determined to mount a comeback, but failed because Germantown scored two more goals. At half time Benedict’s trailed Germantown 4-0.

Feeling ambushed, the Gray Bees emerged from halftime with new momentum and a revamped game plan. Despite Germantown’s additional two goals, Benedict’s finally awoke from slumber late in the third quarter. Senior Andrew Brice scored two goals, closing the third quarter 6-2.

Proceeding into the final quarter, the team’s heart sparked a five goal run to German’s three goals. Goals from senior and varsity captain Daryl Corprew and UDII Sebastian Garcia kept the Benedict’s moral afloat. But Germantown was still able to capitalize on holes within the Gray Bee defense. Near the end of the game, UDII Tanzeel Rehman shortened Germantown’s lead by two, but this was not enough to save St. Benedict’s season opener. The game finished 9-7 with Germantown grasping the win.

“It wasn’t the best showing, but it wasn’t the worse,” Daryl said. “The key areas we need to work on is passing vision because multiple people were open, but no one could find that pin point pass.”

Despite starting the season with a loss, the team is optimistic about their next match.

“We are aiming on a better season and are going to fix the problems we faced today,” Daryl said.