Resurrection of the Gray Bee Book Store


Michael Pereira

Cashier and UDII Aaron Sanz sells St. Benedict’s merchandise to a customer.

Michael Amankwaah and Moise Cineus

At a recent soccer game scores of students waved St. Benedict’s scarves like banners over the crowd. Many wore Gray Bee hoodies, skullies and headbands. Now, all these items showing Gray Bee pride can be purchased at the Gray Bee bookstore which opened September 8.

Run by faculty members Denis Lansang M.D. and Frantz Brilliant with students UD II Aaron Sanz and UDIs Jesus Paulinho, Jacob Amaro, Gabriel Cardona and Erick Badillo, the store opens daily at 7:15 a.m. to 7:40 a.m. and 3:15 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. One of the goals of the store is to increase school spirit by encouraging the students to wear Gray bee apparel during games and events, while commuting to school, or while hanging out with friends outside of school. Also, students can buy school supplies before and after classes.

Last year, math teacher Alexa Lewandowski and Tristan Farinhas ‘16 cleaned out and reopened the store. When Ms. Lewandowski left and Tristan graduated, Dr. Lansang and his students took it over. There were a lot of challenges like fixing the floors, painting the wall, deciding business hours, and figuring how to accept payment. But by September 8 they were ready to open.

Dr. Lansang and his crew set up a cash register software with a cash drawer and a receipt printer to keep track of the income. During the parent teacher conference on September 14, the store made approximately $1,500 in sales. Dr. Lansang encourages students and staff to buy items in the bookstore.

“We believe our customers are our advertisers,” Dr. Lansang said.