Seniors Discuss Mutual Respect With Sister School

Seniors Jamal Kareem and Simone Richardson of Benedictine Academy leading a discussion about respect.

Gabriel Cuadrado

Seniors Jamal Kareem and Simone Richardson of Benedictine Academy leading a discussion about respect.

Jamal Kareem, Staff Writer

Ten juniors and seniors from Benedictine Academy in Elizabeth joined twelve Benedict’s seniors for a panel discussion about gender roles on October 7. The panel was an effort to build a bridge for the two schools and have a better understanding of the other gender’s viewpoint.

Student leaders from both schools were present in the 520 Boardroom along with Dean of Faculty, Michelle Tourto, Candace Bradsher H’99, Louis Lainé ’12 and Benedictine Academy Admissions Director, Analisa Branco.

The event was modeled after a Morehouse College and Spelman College panel that was held  in the winter. The goal of the panel was to have an understanding of how the actions of one gender affects the other.

“Everyone needs education on respecting people,” Benedictine Academy senior Simone Richardson said, “not just guys, but ladies as well.”

The group discussed the importance of respecting one another, the effect of society on gender roles and the different stereotypes around the two schools. Students talked from their perspectives and experiences, which created a back-and-forth dialogue. St. Benedict’s senior Mac-Gregore Jeune believed that the panel was quite eye-opening.

“Everyone shared valid opinions and thoughts,” he said, “I left the panel with a better sense of how to approach certain situations such as how to approach a young lady if I wanted to know more about her.”

This is the first of many events Benedictine Academy will be a part of as the two schools move forward to build a consistent relationship. Throughout the year there will be more panels and events in hopes to strengthen interaction between the two brother and sister schools. Simone Richardson believes that this was a huge step in bringing the two schools together.

“We’re bring attention to each other.” she said. “We’re being exposed to the fact that we are brother and sister schools and we should definitely look to do more things together.”