Did FIFA 17 Live Up to its Hype?


Gabriel Cuadrado, Media Editor

Upon its release on September 27, the new football game, FIFA 17, has the world debating whether or not it is worth it’s $60 retail price. Because of the game’s innovations, innovative, gamers are having trouble adapting to this year’s playstyle.

A major factor contributing to the game’s revamped system is EA Sports’ collaboration with Frostbite Gaming. The two gaming companies worked together and implemented a new game mode titled “The Journey.” In this new in-game feature, players get the experience to take on the role of an up-and-coming soccer player named Alex Hunter.  Within virtual reality, players are given the opportunity to control Alex Hunter’s success in the Premier League.  

EA Sports hardly changed Ultimate Team mode. Except for the new squad builder challenge  which  allows players to build squads and earn highly rated players, the game mode is no different from FIFA 16.

The overall feel of the game has changed since last year. If you liked  letting the players do the hard work then this one isn’t for you. FIFA 17 has given the player control of everything. The shots are harder and penalties are atrocious at first. But after a little practice you get the hang of it.

Defense in this year’s FIFA game is harder than before. Now with all the control you have over the players, you need to make sure you are sliding cleanly and chasing after attackers. Let it be known that this year it is easier to concede goals and harder to score them.

The real battle for EA Sports this year is  selling more copies than their rival game PES. The battle between the two that FIFA usually loses is the graphics aspect of the game. In the past years, PES has been known for winning this battle but maybe with the new partnership with Frostbite Gaming, FIFA 17 may have the chance to exceed PES in the graphics department.

Overall FIFA 17 is real clean and pleasing to not only the eye but to the thumbs on the player’s controller.