Basketball Team Debuts With a Blowout


Gabriel Cuadrado

Final score of the Gray Bee’s basketball debut.

Richard Araujo, Sports Editor

The varsity basketball team had a stunning game last night, blowing out Academy New Church (PA) 82-42.

“The night went great,” said senior and captain Jayden Saddler.

The match began with a strong first quarter, ending 27-10. The Gray Bees played strong defense, constantly intimidating their opponents by pressing up from half-court. The tactic forced sloppy play from the other team, leading to constant turnovers and fast break scores from the Gray Bees.

By the end of the second half, the Gray Bees dominated with 49 points, while the other team struggled for its 19.

As the game progressed, Academy New Church was stuck on 19 points for what seemed like an eternity, until they managed to score on the fourth minute of third-quarter.

“We started to play a little soft, which let them come back a little,” said senior and captain Bourama Sidibe.

According to Jayden, because it was the first game, communication was less than perfect.

But after the win, the team members  expressed confidence about the rest of the season. “We’re going to be good,” Bourama said.