Recent Alumni Provide Insight on Their College Experiences

Othman Muhammad, Online Editor

Alumni from Swarthmore, Pomona, and a variety of other colleges returned to Hive to share their post-SBP experiences with current UDII’s and seniors in the auditorium, January 3.

While in town for the annual grad reunion, the Advancement Office thought it would be best for Alumni to share their advice and experience with current SBP seniors and UDII’s.

40 Alumni gathered in the auditorium for an hour and thirty minutes to answer questions posed by students curious about life outside of Benedict’s. Topics ranged from selecting college majors to discussing behavior around females in a co-ed environment.

Past leaders and well-respected alumni offered their insight and perspective on various topics.

Previous Maroon Section Leader Scott Bamberg’ 16 discussed the responsivities that come with freedom of college.

“The toughest thing I face so far in college is time management and the freedom that comes with it,” Scott advised the UDII’s and senior saying. “You have to know how to balance your time whether it is studying and having to write an essay or being an athlete that has to go to practice, make sure you balanced and well organized.”

Former Freshman Leader Muqka Dean Pool’15 offered insight on making the transition into a school where most of the current students will be minorities.

“Benedict’s makes you really comfortable here,” Muqka said. “But when you go to college and attend a predominantly white school, remember you’re not a reflection of Muqka Dean Pool you’re a representative of other African Americans.”

The Alumni question and answer panel concluded with last year’s Senior Group Leader Bruce Davis III addressing a controversial topic that current students initially found humorous: interacting with women in a college environment.

“When you encounter females, you need to protect yourself because you can get in a lot of trouble,” Bruce then pointing to forehead saying. “You need to think with this head.”

After the question and answer period, seniors felt better equipped to handle the difficulties that college will present.

“The alumni clarified some anxieties I had about college such as managing my time, handling the workload and establishing bonds with the proper group of people” Prof Blood Group Leader and senior Obed Narcisse said. “I will encounter these situations next year, therefore I appreciate the alumni taking the time to provide their insight into the college experience.”

In addition to students, alumni also appreciate this educational experience.

“The reason that I comeback to do stuff like this is because I am not going to school for myself,” former White Section Leader Issac Tucker-Rasbury said. “We lift as we climb, so I come back to support people who are aspire to follow in our footsteps.”