Our Projections for the 2017 NBA All Star Weekend


Sebastian Granizo, Sports Editor

Sunday night blasts off another action-packed NBA All-Star Game and it will include plenty of intrigue. However, by Monday morning, the dust will have settled and the winner will have been crowned.

Although both teams are stacked with quality superstars, I believe that the team that will come out in top is the West All-Star team, making this their sixth win in seven years. First, the West has two players who are constantly making triple doubles: Oklahoma City Thunder’s Russell Westbrook and Houston Rockets’ James Harden. It wouldn’t be a surprise if both of them pull this off Sunday night. Even though there is current bad blood between Westbrook and Golden State Warriors’ Kevin Durant, I think that two would manage along well and deliver the fans with amazing plays. Any of these three players could have a chance become the NBA All-Star MVP.

Second, the West also has one of the best, if not the best, big men in the league: New Orleans Pelicans’ Anthony Davis. This star has been showing his ability to score and rebound consistently throughout the season. There is no doubt that he will give one of his most entertaining and best performances. He also has the advantage of having the game be played at his team’s home, New Orleans, which is where the NBA All-Star game is being hosted. With the support of his fans, he will definitely try his hardest to give the West the dub.

Overall, the West team is filled stronger players than the East. They have better shooters, such as the Splash Brothers Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson and more quality. The West will continue their streak of great performances on Sunday.