Lack Of Respect at SBP


The students at St. Benedict’s Prep are in a bad place right now. There is an apparent lack of respect among the apathetic students. We struggle with remaining silent after the hand is raised, and because students lack respect for the school’s tradition, lunch and convocation are prolonged. Moreover, we are not taking accountability for our brother’s actions. Although the school espouses “Whatever Hurts My Brother Hurts Me,” students seem to isolate themselves from the community by only caring about their own needs and wants, and as a result, we fail to support our brothers. This lack of accountability for each other leads to a lack of respect towards leadership. We ignore the instructions of student leaders such as the hand, which ultimately undermines the system of leadership here. Additionally, we disrespect the women who devote countless hours to ensure our well-being.

These repeated acts of disrespect have led to a serious response and consequences from the Headmaster. Although these consequences are severe, the problem with respect may well continue. Therefore, we must exert swift and bold action to mitigate these consequences and preserve our school’s integrity.

The problem begins with seniors. Seniors must lose the apathy. They must become the “older brothers” to the younger students, teaching them to cherish the school and become “Benedict’s men.” All seniors must be less passive in the daily operations of the school. Therefore, during convocation, seniors must preserve the silence and ensure beginners and members are respecting the hand. Seniors must become active during lunch to quell its hectic nature. They must strictly regulate the cafeteria lines, ensure other students are eating in a timely manner, and assist with cleanup and recycling. St. Benedict’s prides itself on being a school run by students. Seniors must make this true.

Students from other grade levels must also contribute to preserving the school and its values. While some younger students learn bad habits from seniors, we want to clarify that all students have the ability to make their own decisions. Students understand the rules and values of the school; therefore, we all must take responsibility for our actions and not always blame someone else. Nobody is above reproach. In order for the community to flourish, all members of the community must cooperate. Leaders cannot lead without willing followers. Seniors cannot lead the school without the help of other grades. Our goal to become more respectful requires everyone’s efforts.

Ultimately, a school needs a cooperative community in order to function. The school needs active and loyal leaders in order to work.

Our problem with respect will not disappear overnight. It will take a community effort to address our issues with respect and to perpetuate the tradition built by the hard work of countless generations of alumni. St. Benedict’s is a community, and we are all in this together.