Day 1 – Word From the Netherlands!


Richard Araujo

Senior Joe Carmona and UDII’s Carlos Acosta, Sebastian Granizo, Kobe Hurtado, Ivan Jordan, Mario King, Jerry Miraval, Liam Murphy-Torres, Liam Reilly, Luciano Tapia, Devon Grant, and Christopher Viscel depart from the Hive for their Holland Trip.

Glenn Cassidy, Faculty

Day 1

Following a smooth flight, we arrived in Amsterdam at just past 6:00 this morning, local time. The individual host families of all of the students came to the airport to meet the guys. Each student spent some time with his host family before they came to school. During the morning hours, we were given some background information about the Netherlands and some basic Dutch instruction. This afternoon, the students participated in a lively Phys Ed class before heading out with their host families for the weekend.

Despite being tired from the overnight flight, everyone has had a great day and been in good spirits. Students talked about how quiet things are over here, how few traffic lights there are, the number of people that ride their bikes all the time, and the freshness of the air.

The students will be with their host families for the entire weekend. We do not have any group activities planned.