Day 2 – Word From the Netherlands!

Glenn Cassidy, Faculty

It was a gorgeous day with highs around 13 degrees Celsius and lows around 5 C (55 and 40) and nothing but clear skies. The students, spending the weekend with their host families, have reported having a good experience including the opportunity to try different foods. A few guys took their chances with Dutch Herring (a fish that is eaten raw), Hagelslag, which is a traditional Dutch breakfast, and Drop, or candy similar to black licorice.

The chaperones were able to take in the city of Haarlem and experience several of the sights of that very busy city. They also had the opportunity to try some Dutch foods including Bitterballen. The chaperones learned the hard way that most kitchens in the Castricum area close at 9:00 pm. However, we were fortunate enough to find one place that offered us a great meal late at night.

The weather tomorrow is expected to be the same as today. Daylight savings time begins at 2:00 AM tonight. So as of Sunday morning, we will be 6 hours ahead of NJ.