Gray Bees Basketball ready for action.

Elvis Yovo, Staff Writer

The Gray Bees were ready to sting once again as the varsity basketball team debuted with a pre-season win against South Shore High School from New York on November 15, 2017. The team obliterated their opponent by a score of 93-63 after scoring efficiently and playing superb defense. The team also demonstrated great and flowing ball movement which created many open shots.

The game introduced several new additions to the team. One of whom was UDII Jake Betlow, who transferred from Montverde Academy. After scoring the first points of the new season, he showed the crowd that he is an outstanding shooter, incredible playmaker, and a threat from beyond the three-point line.

     “I was excited to play for a program with such a prestigious basketball team,” Jake Betlow said.

Other players who turned heads around where SY Souleyman Diakate, who transferred from Spain,  and UDI Alagie Njie, who came from Sweden. Diakate proved to be a perlifient post scorer and an elite rim protector, whereas Njie made it known that he has and elite and phenomenal ball handling and passing skills.

Besides these players, second year UDII Precious Achiuwa also caught the attention of the fans after dropping 34 points. He even showed off incredible range when he beat the buzzer beater before  heading into the halftime break.

After this game’s performance, it can expected that the team will have a very great season. It wouldn’t be a surprise if the team turns out to achieve many things.

Jake Betlow said, “Our number one goal is to try to go undefeated and to becoming the number one team in the country.”