Gray Bee Generations Start the Party


Yannie Lopez

SBP Headmaster Fr. Edwin Leahy, OSB, rallied students and alumni during a special convocation kicking off the school’s Sesquicentennial celebration.

Alex Oliveira, Staff Writer

As Judah Marable (SY) grabbed the hand of a first grader, a sense of togetherness filled the room. The whole school ranging from kindergartners to alumni from decades ago were all present and together on Friday, Jan. 19, 2018 to kick off the celebration of SBP’s sesquicentennial (150th) anniversary at morning convocation. Spirits were high as many generations of Benedict’s men came back to the Hive to celebrate the rich history of this unique place.

From the first two students, Irish brothers in 1868, to the present day with more than 750 students from Kindergarten through 12th grade, SBP has not always had a clear path. The school’s fate is uncertain year to year, but the headmaster, Fr. Edwin continues to have faith in the generosity of both alumni and strangers. “We’re only here because of God,” Fr. Ed said as he described St. Benedict’s. “There’s no way the school’s business plan should work but somehow does year after year.”

As dozens of alumni filled the bleachers, Fr. Ed told them to sit with the groups they were in when they were students. Having generations of group members sitting together physically connected alums to present day students.

Fr. Ed often explains that just because what we did last year worked, doesn’t mean it is going to work this year; it has to be recreated by every iteration of students. Therefore, alumni play a vital role as they share the lessons they learned when the responsibility of running the school was placed on their shoulders. “Guys who did it come back and teach it,” Fr. Ed said, explaining just a small part of how without alumni SBP simply could not work.

“A lot of things about convo has changed, but the core values and mission of the school has stayed the same,” said Victor Oliveira ‘89 when asked about his experience at convocation. “As exciting as it was to see guys I went to school with, it was just as exciting to see the current generation of Benedict’s men doing their thing.” 

The attendance was the best it’s been in recent memory which reflects the excitement of the student body. Friday morning in the Dalton Gym, it truly felt like everyone one in the room was proud to be a Gray Bee.