St. Benedict’s vs Blair Academy

Elvis Yovo, Staff Writer

The Gray Bees have been living up to their hype as they faced off against their rival Blair Academy on January 24th. The team was able to pull off a close win as the game finished 49-48. UD II Lester Quinones lead the way with 13 points. Behind him UD I CJ Wilcher contributed 11 points of his own as he also came clutch for the Gray Bees during the last few minutes. UD II Jake Betlow also played phenomenally at the point guard position finishing with 10 points.

The Gray Bees opened up the first quarter with amazing ball movement. They were able to find the open man with ease. It was like watching the San Antonio Spurs play. Then in the second quarter the game started to get intense as both teams kept switching leads. The game got even more intense when Jake Betlow stole the ball and ran all the way towards the net for a thunderous dunk giving the Gray Bees a one point lead against Blair: 23-22.

In the third quarter, the momentum of the game kept switching. Towards the end of the quarter though, things did not look so bright for the Gray Bees as they were losing by a few points. In the fourth quarter, the team worked hard to stay in the game. It was not until the last few minutes when CJ Wilcher came in clutch and hit a few 3’s and played some superb defense.The Gray Bees then knew the game was theirs when CJ Wilcher got a put-back of a miss 3 point attempt by Lester Quinones and got back on defense forcing Blair to throw up a contested 3 point attempt. The final score of the game was 49-48.