Yannie Lopez, Staff Writer

LFr. Edwin Leahy is known for his practical jokes, but he wasn’t kidding about Leahy Boulevard.

A representative of Newark Councilwoman Gayle Chaneyfield Jenkins’ office has confirmed that a portion of Mulberry Street — a major thoroughfare — will be renamed Leahy Boulevard. The portion to be so named will run between Green and Center streets, according to Khalil Nassiruddin ’02 and Chief of Staff for Chaneyfield Jenkins’ office.

A Newark Resolution numbered 7R8-D, obtained by the Benedict News, states, “residents of Irish descent have made tremendous contributions to the success of the City of Newark’s cultural, economic and social progress and this year’s (2017) St. Patrick’s Day Parade honorees exemplify that, Grand Marshall, Rev. Edwin D. Leahy, Deputy Grand Marshall, Elizabeth ‘Betty’ Sheehan Teevan, Robert H. Largey and Marguerite Quinn Largey.”

The resolution goes on to say that it authorizes the honorary and ceremonial renaming of Mulberry Street from Green Street to Center Street as Leahy Boulevard, Center Street to Broad Street as Teevan Boulevard, Central Avenue, from Broad Street to Washington Street, as Largey Boulevard, and the intersection of Washington Street and Central Avenue as St. Patrick’s Square.

“Father [Edwin] came to give the opening prayer during one of the council meetings and two of the council members said we should have a street named after Father Leahy,” Nassiruddin said. Council members went through with their idea and on March 7, 2017, the City of Newark voted to adopt the renaming of streets. In the end, 7 members of the council unanimously approved the change. Leahy Boulevard: A street you’ll be driving down soon!

Fr. Edwin Leahy brandishes street sign at Convo on Jan.  10, 2018.