SBP In Israel Day 5: Apps and Opps

Dr. Glenn Cassidy

St. Benedict’s students had the opportunity to visit Israel’s cosmopolitan center: Tel Aviv.

Today was a work day. The students spent the first half of the day finalizing their STEM project and preparing for their presentation tomorrow. There was a flurry of activity throughout the morning as students from both schools worked together to design the apps appearance and function, worked to figure out their business and marketing plans, and put together their actual presentation.

Students focus on their app

After a dry run of the presentation, the students wrapped it up, loaded a bus and headed to Tel Aviv for the afternoon. The Israeli students planned the afternoon for everyone. As this was a student-led event, we let the students go about on their own (provided the entire group stayed together the entire time). The students report that they enjoyed the marketplace and the port areas of Tel Aviv. At this point everyone is headed back home for final preparations and rest.

Readying for project presentations.

Tomorrow will be our last full day in Israel and many of us feel the visit has been too short. There is so much to see and do in such a short time. But all in all, I believe it’s safe to say that all are continuing to have a great experience.

Mr. Marlow with faculty from the Amal School in Hadera.