SBP In Israel 2018: Finishing Project, Bidding Farewell to Friends

Dr. Glenn Cassidy

Since the students used the time this morning to finalize their presentation, Mr. Marlow and I used the opportunity to spend a few minutes walking the beach and in the water of the Mediterranean Sea. The water was so incredibly clear.


We arrived at the school just in time to support the student walkout at 10 a.m. It was great to know that the students here could be participants with the students at home in this effort. It was even more special having students from two countries participate together. After the first few minutes, other students at the school began changing classes and were filled with wonderment about why we were all standing circled up in front of the building. Despite the noise and distractions, the group remained focused on its purpose. 

Students huddled for the student walkout this morning.

Shortly after 11 a.m., the group presented its project to a group of teachers and administrators from the Amal schools – a new smart phone app called Go Get. The students are hoping to launch this app in July. The app seems to be well thought-out and has a real chance of being released.


Our students attended an English class with their hosts that our students described as being extremely hard for them. Following this we traveled to Rishon to watch the Hadera Amal school’s Futsal team compete in the International Schools Championship Tournament against China. The Amal school earned their spot in the tournament by being the best team in Israel. Amal won the game 11-1. Why is SBP not in this tournament?

Project students together with the Hadera Futsal team

We finished the day with our last group meal at a place called Meatball. The food was excellent. Everyone enjoyed the food. We listened to a few goodbye speeches and experienced a bittersweet feeling at the idea of departing. We knew we felt appreciation for the opportunity to visit and a desire to extend the trip. 

Students and faculty from both schools take in the Futsal game.

We will have an early morning tomorrow as we have to leave by 6:30 a.m. to be at the airport on time. 


I can truly say that this trip has been extremely educational and moving. I’m not sure what chances there would have been of me traveling to Israel if not for this trip, but I do know that, if given the chance, I will be back.


I want to make sure that I say thank you, one more time, to our Hosts from the Amal Schools, particularly Ilana, Irit, and Dani – who at times felt like our personal tour guides of Israel; to Jon Marlow for his efforts to work with the guys on getting this project together and keeping it moving; to Susan Kronberg for her tireless work in organizing and coordinating all of the travel details; and Fr. Edwin for granting me the opportunity to attend.


Now about that 12-plus hour flight home…*sigh.