SBP in The Netherlands: Immersing in a Different Culture

David Rahaman

It is now my second day in The Netherlands. My host family is The Overpelts. They’re very nice and they’ve accepted me with open arms. They have a daughter name Eva (my student host) Thijs who’s 13 and Bram who is 9 years of age. This time of the year “is fairly boring,” according to Mrs. Overpelt. The students are currently a week away from finals but they aren’t stressed about it…yet. 

Today we went into Amsterdam and I went to the Red Light District and went to a wax museum. The wax museum was called Madame Tussauds. The roads in Amsterdam are not level at all. But there are special bike lanes. The Dutch people don’t have turn signals on their bikes so they use hand signals to indicate which way they’re going to go. So far, it’s been very fun learning about a new culture.