Monkfest is Sunday!

Newark Abbey/Dennis Lansang
Father Max (at left) and Brother Patrick seek shade with a visitor at last year’s Monkfest


An annual family festival sponsored by the Benedictine monks of Newark Abbey, called “Monkfest,” will be held at SBP in Newark, on Sunday, Aug. 19, from 2 p.m .to 6 p.m. Vespers (Evening Prayer.)

The celebration of “fun, food, music, art, prayer, and children’s games,” has been a St. Benedict’s tradition for many years, according to Br. Asiel Rodriguez, OSB, the director of publicity for the Abbey. Friends, co-workers, relatives, parishioners of St. Mary’s Church, as well as SBP’s alumni, students, and families are invited by the monks to attend.

The goal of Monkfest is to forge ties between all members of many communities – monastery, school, church, neighborhood, and city — on the grounds of an abbey that believes in the importance of communal bonds, according to Rodriguez. The event takes place on the St. Benedict’s property at 520 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard, specifically on the lawn behind the Radel Library by Leahy House.

During a typical Monkfest, a variety of students attending St. Benedict’s attend, as well as members of the Newark Abbey, St. Mary’s Church, family and friends in the community. Monkfest offers classic carnival activities like facepainting and board games to attendees, as well as music, a variety of barbecued and homemade food representing many cultures. The event concludes with a Vespers service at St. Mary’s Church.

Monkfest is an overall enjoyable time for everybody, as well as a chance to meet other people, discover the property, and form relationships.

Newark Abbey/Dennis Lansang
Monkfest 2017 drew crowds for the fun and food.