Bardin Brings Sweet Sounds to Conlin


Bardin performs classical music for the Elementary and Middle Divisions.

Wednesday brought a surprising treat for the Elementary and Middle Divisions. Delphine Bardin, a contemporary French pianist, put on an eloquent display in our very own Conlin Auditorium that gave the younger members of St. Benedict’s a chance to be inspired. Accompanied by only a black piano, Bardin played blissfully on stage, while giving the audience notes on how she views performing on the instrument.

“You only have twelve notes on a piano to work with, and make feelings out of the sound,” Bardine said between pieces.

This was not Bardin’s first encounter with SBP. She performed here six years ago in the same auditorium. Dr. Jeremy Fletcher, SBP’s music director, and Joe Haag, a former monk from St. Vincent Abbey in Latrobe, Pa., worked together to make this performance happen. Dr. Fletcher found the performance truly satisfying.  “ It was great,” Dr. Fletcher said. “She has the technical ability that few people in this world can accomplish.”

Bardin also plays solely from memory, making her performances all the more incredible. Being that it is her second time visiting the school, following Benedict’s tradition, it is safe to say that she is now a member of this family.

Bardine is best known for her professional work. Her most prominent accomplishments include winning the Pro Musicis International Award, winning the Clara Haskil Piano Competition, and performing with the Lebanese Philharmonic Orchestra.