Organized Chaos Reigns in Annual Gray Bee Olympics

The clear weather didn’t look like it would hold up, worrying some of students and faculty. The clouds rolled in, but the rain never came. The long-standing tradition of Gray Bee Olympics would continue.

The day started out with a lengthy Convocation and some confusion, however tradition was able to overcome delays. Students participated in activities such as ‘Family Feud’, ‘Hunger Games’, Dodgeball, and flag-football.

“Family Feud”, also known as “Gray Bee Feud,” is an offshoot of the classic game tv-show. The groups gather in the auditorium to compete head-to-head to clear the board before the other team has a chance to do so. In “Hunger Games,’’ students try to swipe a flag from the opposing teams on Leahy House Field. Dodgeball, over in Shanley Gymnasium, was slightly more sane due to Craig White’s refereeing. Mr. White’s easy-to-remember set of rules: wait for Mr White’s cue, rush for a ball, and hit the first thing a person sees. Flag-football was derivative of regular football where instead of tackling, players pull the flag off the ball-handler.

The entire day was organized chaos, with the students culminating for the routine convocation and to find out who had won the coveted position of the top group. In the end, only the best in each section would win, they were: Father William (Blue), Frank Hill (Gray), Joe K. (Maroon). White section on the other hand had an intense game of rock-paper-scissors between Fr. Casimir and Fr. Dunsten in which Fr. Casimir would reign victorious. Johnathan Groomes (Fr. Dunsten) said in retrospect, “I was nervous I’d lose but not mad I did.” Overall, the day was filled with a liveliness and sense of community only created by such an anticipated event as Gray Bee Olympics.