Failed Attempt at a Half A Day


On October 12th, the senior leaders decided to make the day a half-day after a spontaneous chant for “Half A Day!” arose from an exhilarating convo. This decision would prove to be a hectic day for most of the students of St. Benedict’s, as the schedule repeatedly changed.
In convo, at least 30 elementary division students stood and danced in front of the school. Nicolas Wynn, a freshman attending St. Benedict’s, rapped for his mother as a birthday gift who was a guest attending convo.
After all the commotion, the divisions started dismissing, and once Gray section was about to dismiss, someone yelled out, “Half A Day!.” Thus starting a wave and resulting in a schedule for 45-minute classes and an optional lunch.
Joeseph Wood-May, Gray section leader, sent an email named “Modified Schedule” to the school Ten minutes before the fourth block was about to end. Fr. Ed told the Senior leadership to change the schedule.
“Are you serious” and “Is this real” were heard across the halls as people began to question if the email was a joke. The student leaders changed the schedule, making lunch and group mandatory. Emails then bombarded the inboxes of all the students and faculty, regarding the change in schedule. The day instead ended at 2:30 pm similar to a Wednesday schedule.